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The C-Clear is designed to reduce the risks resulting from poor visualization in an insufficiently prepared colon and to facilitate successful completion of the procedure .

It creates  parallel evacuation channel to the endoscope for rapid and efficient  cleansing.

The C-Clear is single use device, compatible with most endoscopes, 


C-Clear Technological Advantages

  • On demand easy to assemble and remove

  • Unprecedented, easy and rapid cleansing

  • High volume suction

  • Less susceptible to clogging

  • User friendly

  • Enables the endoscopist fluent operation

  • Preserve endoscope capabilities ( undisturbed tip angulation)

  • Low-cost disposable

Clinical and Economic Benefits

The C-Clear is designed to overcome critical endoscopy challenge, improving  clinical outcomes and healthcare economics:


  • Improved visualization

  • Shorter procedure time in case of poor prep

  • Higher completion rate and efficiency

  • Earlier diagnosis and treatment

  • Water immersion technique improves maneuverability


  • Reduces hospitalization stay and costs

  • Minimizes the need for repeat procedures

  • Increased screening efficacy and throughput

  • Improved GI lab throughput by reducing overall  uncertainty in regard to patient appointments

  • Saves time and OOP expenses to the patient

** This product is not yet cleared for marketing in the USA

A versatile, on-demand, easy-to-assemble, cost-effective, colonoscopy assist device.

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